move or transfer to another place or situation
Leaving behind your established social network to move somewhere new can leave you isolated – unless you replace it with new friends and activities. Integrating into your local community is a crucial ingredient in making your move a long-term success.
You have to understand that being a Tranzplant is not just a lifestyle. It's a culture, it's the people,  it's the way we live, eat, think and breathe. When you move to a new destination and you are hustling, meeting new people, learning a new culture, making new friends and just adapting, it's such an exciting feeling you get. Tranzplant Clothing captures that exciting feeling with new designs to enable ALL TRANSPLANTS to express their love and appreciation for their new home.
  Tranzplant Clothing Co represents Resilience and Adaptability.
Valentine Nde came to America in search of the American dream. After arriving in the United States, Family and friends enabled him to establish in Minnesota which he has called home for the last 13 years. As a proud transplant to Minnesota, to show his love and appreciation for his new home, he sketched the initial Tranzplant designs. While the goal was to create a personal design, Valentine took it as an opportunity to build a brand that represents anyone who has move to a different Continent, Country, State, County, and City. Established and fallen in love with their new home.
After wearing the design and receiving support from family, friends and the community, he decided to make the design available to everyone, and Tranzplant Clothing Co was born.
After traveling to 48 out of the 50 States with his now wife Beth, Valentine has no doubt Minnesota is home and continue to explore the richness of the great State. He draws his inspiration from Tranzplants across the state and all over the country.
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